Central to Stephen’s character are the values of integrity, loyalty, and honesty. He is a natural leader with business acumen, goal orientated and highly motivated. He has an outstanding ability to influence internal and external stakeholders, achieving desired outcomes whilst making a dynamic contribution to an organization.

Highly Successful Earth moving Engineering Executive with Over 20 Years of Extraordinary accomplishments Creating & Implementing Innovative, Cost-Conscious, Ultra-Efficient Business Models in Asset Management, Engineering Maintenance and Manufacturing, with a history of accelerated promotions, the first of which occurred within 3 months after being qualified as an Earth moving Mechanic.

Mastermind maintenance principals, design, workshop and field maintenance that not only vastly improved efficiency while reducing costs.  Restructure and consolidate operational procedures for successfully uniting team members who had been divided by significant managerial and cultural differences. An esteemed and inspirational leader able to mold diverse, competitive managers into a mutually supportive team. Long-standing record of personally handling employee dislocation and transition in a compassionate, professional manner.


Core competencies
Asset Management* Health and Safety * Change Management * Team Building * ISO 14000 Implementation * Veteran Leadership Skills * Internal and External Corporate Communications * Industry Leadership Engineering Practices and Principals * Financial analysis * Quality Control * Property & Equipment Acquisitions & Maintenance * Vendor Management * Contract negotiation * Computer Systems Enhancements * Warranty and insurance policies * Oil analysis * Oil cleanliness practice